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Pay Your Bill

More ways to pay your bill

Cold Weather Rule Disconnection Protection

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Choose the method that works best for you!

SmartHub allows you to view and pay your bill online!

When you sign up for Meeker Co-op's SmartHub service, you will have access to an online version of your paper bill. A wonderful option for members who travel extensively or are gone for a portion of the year. You will have access to graphs showing your electric usage history, cost history and averages so you can track times of heavier electricity use and how it correlates to your bills. With SmartHub, you have the option to pay online with a credit card (A fee applies) or by electronic check. If you want to view your bill online, but choose not to pay online, that is an option as well. Get payment alerts, download an app for use with your phone or tablet, set up automatic payments, shows payments in real time so you know your payment has posted, and much more!

Join SmartHub and go paperless! When you enroll in the Smart Hub option, you may opt not to receive a paper bill. You'll have something better! Your payment history, billing statements and usage history will be at your fingertips online, no matter where you are! You won't need to keep all your paper bills in a file somewhere. Please note that going online to check your statement balance will enroll you in SmartHub.

For more information or to sign up for SmartHub, access our SmartHub page by clicking on this link, or go to our Home Page and click the SmartHub icon.

Automatic Payment Plan (Bank Draft)

Never get a late payment charge again! Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Assn.’s Automatic Payment Plan option is any easy, safe solution to paying your bills. It saves you time and money, also!

Today, people of all ages use an auto pay program of some type to pay bills; no one enjoys taking the time to write out a check, address an envelope, buy a stamp and get it to the mailbox. Auto Pay eliminates all of that.

Here’s how it works: Once you complete the ACH Authorization form, Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Assn. will begin the process with your bank to be able to automatically deduct the amount of your electric bill from your checking or savings account. This may take up to one full billing cycle before your first payment will be automatically deducted.

You will still receive an electric bill to keep track of your usage and bill amount. You’ll also receive a statement from your bank showing the Auto Pay transaction, so you will know that a payment has been made. This process is completely safe and secure.

Credit Card Payment Option

No more trips to the post office! Payment is posted the next day! Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Assn. has partnered with NCO Financial Systems, Inc. to offer payment by credit card or electronic check. Payment can be processed by telephone at 1-866-261-2994. Visa or Master Card is accepted at this time. A convenience fee applies per transaction. Recurring credit card payment is not available.

Convenience fee:

Credit card or electronic check payment is made possible through our partnership with NCO Financial Systems, a credit card payment service provider. NCO Financial Systems processes credit card and electronic check payments on our behalf and charges a small convenience fee per transaction. This fee is collected and retained by NCO Financial Systems. Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Assn. does not receive any of the money collected for the convenience fee.

The convenience fee for credit card and electronic check payments is $3.95 for each payment up to $500. If the payment exceeds $500, the $3.95 fee applies for each $500 increment. Before you are asked to confirm payment, the convenience fee will be displayed. You will always have the right to cancel the transaction.

You may make a partial payment of your invoice, but you will be charged a separate fee each time you make a payment.

How to pay

Payments may be made by calling NCO Financial Systems at 1-866-261-2994. NCO Financial Systems uses 128-bit encryption, one of the industry’s most secure transaction environments. If this is your first time using this payment option, the following are the step by step instructions. Call NCO Financial Systems directly at 1-866-261-2994. to make a payment over the phone using your credit card or an electronic check. The same fee structure applies. Follow the menu prompts you hear to process your payment. To speak to a NCO representative, follow the menu prompts that instruct you how to reach a representative.

For non-electric payments you will need to speak to a representative in order to process your payment. To reach a representative press ### on your telephone key pad when prompted for your account number.

Other Information

  • Levelized billing is available. Using this option, your monthly billing amount reflects a rolling average over previous 12 month period and will not fluctuate as much as you would see on our non-levelized billing program. There will be slight fluctuations each month, but is easier to stay on a budget because the fluctuations are much smaller.
  • No-cost payment options are available through our Auto Pay (Bank Draft) program.
  • Recurring credit card payment is not available.

If you have other questions, or need more information about paying your bill by credit card or electronic check, please contact member service or call 320-693-3231 or 1-800-232-6257, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


Note: This page includes downloadable files that are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from Adobe's web site. This is a safe, fast and easy installation. This page also includes downloadable files that are in Microsoft Word format and require Microsoft Word to open. If you do not have Microsoft Word but need access to these forms, please contact our office.

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