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Load Control Status

Program Probability Expected Time
Water Heating No Control  
Dual Fuel Space Heating No Control  
Irrigation Control No Control  
Generator Control No Control  

Control times are subject to change as weather conditions and other variables affecting the load change.
All times are approximate.

Last Updated: 10/22/2020  9:00 a.m.


What is "load" or "energy management" control?

Peak GraphLoad control refers to a program that allows Meeker Cooperative to shut down certain electric loads to better control energy use during times of heavy or "peak" energy use. Those members who are on Meeker's Energy Wise load control or "energy management" programs allow Meeker to power down their primary heating or cooling system temporarily during times of heavy demand. During the winter months, a back-up heating system automatically takes over to control their loads. In exchange,  "Energy Wise" members are able to cut their bills through Meeker's half-price energy management electric rate.

How is a control period determined?

Meeker Cooperative loads are controlled based solely on peak energy demand. Sometimes peak demand may coincide with extreme seasonal temperatures, but not always. Control may be initiated due to high wholesale energy costs. These costs fluctuate due to supply and demand, weather, unforeseen power plant outages, and other factors. Power purchase decisions are based on history, weather forecasts and other factors mentioned. Should energy demand by our members exceed our planned peak, for whatever reason, the decision to control loads is made. Should our power needs exceed the planned peak, our power supplier may be forced to purchase more energy on the open market, thereby substantially increasing the cost of that power. Load control reduces the need for these types of power purchases and helps keep energy costs low for everyone.


Load Control Notification

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